Love and Passion For Success

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Law of Attraction

Are you doing what you are doing because you love to do it or are you working because of something else? In this article we will look at how you can create success by loving what you do.

From childhood, we learn that we have to work hard to achieve success. We also have learned that it takes lot of blood, sweat and tears to taste success. This is what our parents, elders, school and society teaches us, which gradually becomes our reality. As we start to work, most of us think and believe that to work hard is something that we must do, but in reality we should be working on something that we love or like or are interested in.

Life should challenging and fun, both while we work and while we do not work. Most people think and talk about pleasure when they are not working, but without work, the free time cannot carry the same value. If people are free for one year they cannot enjoy the time!

Highly successful people are the ones who do their work with lots of passion and excitement. If they are not enjoying and excited they cannot have the energy to move ahead every year. Life can only succeed with passion and when it disappears there is no more driving force left.

Think of the love and passion you had in the past or for someone in your life. It can be love a friend, or a child. It is so nice to meet them and have that lovely feeling. Just imagine if you possess the same love and passion for anything you are working with. What will be the result? You will smell this passion in the air and will attract more people who would like to associate with you. Now compare this with the person who only serves to get salary. You will soon realize who will be successful.

If there is love and passion, anything is possible. Think of Thomas Edison without his love and passion for electric bulb and definitely you will realize what I am trying to convey. This is what separates a performer a mediocre person. The passion for work. There cannot be success without passion! With goal-setting and passion even a minor team of baseball can succeed.

Now attitude is everything. That is what we have learned to believe. Think of children who love to be in the rain, till they hear their parents yelling at them. From that day onwards, the child relates rain with something negative. Is your rainy day full of negativity or is it successful? This depends on what you choose!

Ask following questions and get back your driving force:

* Do I have that I need for success?
* Do I possess love and passion for my life?
* Do I love my job or business?
* Do I work for creating success?
* How can I create love and passion for my job and my life?

Be sure to make the required changes in order to be successful. I have observed that people who create love and passion in what they do achieve the success that other people dream of. Good luck for love and passion in your work and in your life for success! God bless you.


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